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  • Transparency is Key to More Productive Agency Relationships

    Kim Walker

    Kim Walker 0Comments

    Posted: 09 Feb 2016

    Back in the 1980's, the average length of an advertising agency-client relationship was around eight years. As we all know painfully well, this has progressively decreased to roughly 18-36 months according to several reports.

    The relatively recent advent of project-based pitches have shortened the tenure even more.

    Why is this? And what can be done to overcome this counter-productive tendency?

  • Why Bickering Can Improve Relationships

    Kim Walker

    Kim Walker 0Comments

    Posted: 11 Jan 2016

    Recently I was fascinated by two TED talks that revealed remarkably similar observations about relationships, despite the fact that they came from two unrelated professions. One from a psychologist Robert Waldinger based on an extraordinary study that followed thousands of individuals over a 75-year period, and another from British mathematician Hannah Fry, who recalled a study by John Gottman et al titled “Mathematics of marriage”.

  • The Integration Challenge

    Libby Child

    Libby Child 0Comments

    Posted: 01 Dec 2015

    Marketing teams report that agencies promise much in the way of integration, but fail to deliver on their promises. Agencies cite poor client direction, lack of clear deliverables, no measurable objectives and silo-ed corporate structures as reasons why they fail. What is the truth? And whose job is it anyway?

  • Researching the researchers...

    Jeremy Caplin

    Jeremy Caplin 0Comments

    Posted: 27 Oct 2015

    There is an irony that those that use and promote the use of data the most for and with their Clients are also likely to be those that seek it out and use it the least with them to maximise the quality and output of their working relationship.

  • On The Radar In India

    Jeremy Caplin

    Jeremy Caplin 0Comments

    Posted: 05 May 2015

    Last month the Indian Society of Advertisers invited Aprais to be the keynote speaker at events in both Mumbai and Delhi with the theme of Client-Agency Relationships.

  • Where it all started

    Kim Walker

    Kim Walker 0Comments

    Posted: 20 Feb 2015

    Kim Walker explains the origins of Aprais.  Watch the short video to see what drove him to create it and how it drives higher performing partnerships.

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