In what circumstances should I use Aprais?

Aprais operates in the area of relationship management and our business is dedicated to improving business relationships. We are usually contacted by agencies/marketing companies when:

1.   They want to avoid re-pitching out the business
2.   They want to develop a stable relationship into a great partnership
3.   They want to be able to track the relationship over time
4.    They want to be able to manage their key relationships better
5.   They need an objective third party to assist in the management of a fair performance based bonus        system
6.   They want to assess specific performance strengths and weaknesses
7.   They want a consistent system for relationship management across multiple business relationships

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How frequently should I use Aprais?

We recommend that the relationship evaluations take place at 6 month intervals as this has proved to be the optimum timing to ensure continuous, actioned improvements within the relationships. A year is too long as many things that occur in the first few months tend to be forgotten.

More frequently than six months tends to be onerous unless the dynamics of the relationship demand it.

How long does the Aprais process take?

The system is designed to be swift. 6 weeks from the set up and structure meeting to the relationship results presentation and report.

What is your geographical coverage?

We currently have 11 offices globally and are therefore able to service your needs regardless of where you are based. We have on going projects in all continents.

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Do you only work in English?

We currently have Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russia and Spanish capability. We are happy to develop capability for other languages as necessary.

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Why should I share costs with my agency/client?

Aprais constantly witnesses that the best and most productive relationships are those that are true partnerships between client and agency. In such a partnership there is an understanding and a sharing of goals and outcomes and it is our experience that if valuable actioned learning is to be obtained from a relationship evaluation it needs to have shared ownership and be undertaken in a spirit of partnership.

Do you have references I can talk to?

We’d be more than happy to supply you with a list of references tailored to your needs and circumstances. Give us a call, or drop us an email for more details.

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Do you have examples of how Aprais has helped relationships?

We have a number of examples on our website demonstrating how Aprais has helped improve specific relationships.

Other examples relevant to your business may be available, for more information, please contact us.

Why do you assess client as well as agency performance?

To understand fully how a relationship works and the dynamics which drive it, both parties need to be evaluated on their performance. Issues are rarely one-sided and in many cases originate just as much from the client as from the agency.

How experienced are Aprais personnel?

All Aprais personnel have spent many years working at the most senior levels in the advertising and marketing industry and are therefore highly experienced in dealing with client/agency relationships.

Can I compare my relationship against others?

Yes you can and this is a key benefit of working with Aprais. Aprais has collected data on over 16,000 relationships globally thereby enabling us to cross reference and compare scores if required. Analysis can assess absolute and comparative performance:

  • by agency group
  • by geography
  • by brand
  • by communication discipline