You’re only as strong as your weakest partnership. Having chosen your partner, you must build a lasting, high performing relationship. If not, it can become a liability. This is particularly true for advertisers and their agencies.

For an advertiser - it means accepting compromised agency output or suffering the disruption of a pitch.

For an agency - it means sacrificing the productivity of its people and the potential of their work or resigning the business, if not losing it first.

Building and maintaining a high performing partnership, however, is not often easy. The inherently asymmetric dynamic between advertiser and agency can prove a stark challenge. At the same time, pressure-fuelled emotion that surrounds separately incentivized team players can cloud the reality.

We know this because, at Aprais, our people all come from leading international advertisers and agencies. They've lived through the issues, witnessed the results. In fact, it was down to his own personal experience on the agency side that our founder, Kim Walker, was prompted to form Aprais in 2000. Click on the short video to hear his story.

15+ years later our experts are able to leverage over 16,000 Client-Agency relationship evaluations from across 84 Countries to drive consistent performance improvement.

Whether you are a Client or Agency looking to maximize the potential of your relationship, contact us to find out what we can do for you.