The Aprais Approach

Aprais levels the playing field and cuts through emotion to break down communications barriers, identify issues and improve relationship performance. We do this through our comprehensive five stage Aprais Approach where we Interrogate, Quantify & Qualify, Benchmark, Pinpoint and Action.


Across the Aprais Approach we leverage data, diligence and discretion to drive higher performing partnerships:

► 13.2 million data points from13.5 thousand evaluations allows us to forensically pinpoint where relationships need help

► Rich experience from over 13 years of Aprais diligence working with 250 international advertisers and 430 leading agencies gives us the insight and skill to create effective relationship-building steps

► Third party discretion allows us to provide objectivity that permits openness and honesty from all parties and subjectivity that frames findings in context to industry norms

"Just like Aprais, I sincerely believe in the statement that "The best creative work arises from the best possible relation between client and agency". Such a relation is based on confidence and respect, for which clear expectations and open communications are crucial. Aprais was an enormous help in achieving this for Milner cheese with our advertising and design agencies, with an efficiency award for our campaign (Effie) and an enormous growth in turnover as result."

Jos van Wezenbeek

Marketing Manager for cheese brand Milner, FrieslandCampina (Holland)

"There have been very satisfying results on both sides and the co-operation has been developed very positively since then."

Anja Henze

Marketing Director, FrieslandCampina (Germany)

"Aprais provided an excellent framework for us and our agency to sit together and talk through all aspects of the relationship in a non-confrontational, positive, problem solving way. The benchmarking of relationships was very useful, as it gave us a target to aim for, and the fact that it was done across all Citi-Publicis relationships in Asia added a competitive edge for us in India as well."

Vijay Ramchandran

Country Marketing & Internet Director, Citi (India)

"When I was first told about a detailed online client appraisal system I had to fill out, I have to admit I greeted the idea with all the excitement of a vampire having a clove of garlic dangled in front of him. Since then, I've become a firm convert. On the one hand, Aprais throws up personal and anecdotal idiosyncrasies that paint a real picture of where the relationship is at, while on the other hand, its methodology sets out a distinct, objective roadmap of where the relationship needs to go."

David Nobay

Partner, Droga 5 (Australia)

"Aprais is the best agency evaluation process I have ever used - simply because it is so much more than just an agency evaluation. It provides for genuine and constructive 360-degree feedback from client to agency and from agency to client. The result is clear, actionable information that both parties can use to improve the relationship and the resulting work."

Marianne Bess

Managing Director, Droga 5 (Australia)

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