Our clients include some of the most recognised advertisers and agencies in the world. Whether we serve to meet advertiser or agency objectives, we use the rigorous Aprais Approach to drive higher performing partnerships between the two. 


Keeping all clients happy

In advance of significant structural changes, an advertising agency we work with wanted to know the state of its 24 client relationships. They hoped to learn what these clients thought of their work and service levels so they could take any necessary remedial action to shore up their portfolio.

Smashing perception with reality

In a case we facilitated, both advertiser and agency continued in a long term partnership while suffering increasingly significant productivity issues. Both sides seemed to accept that is was the fault of the other; after all, their own behavior hadn’t changed.

Improving as you go

For its biggest client, a major Corporate Design agency wanted to evaluate their relationship at critical points throughout an extended project. They wanted to put learnings in place as the work developed to ensure the highest possible quality delivery.

Going global while staying local

Having experienced notably improved partnership performance across key markets for a product group whose marketing director conducted twice yearly Aprais evaluations with its media agency, a long standing client of ours decided to extend the Aprais Approach to its other product categories.

Driving agency integration

An advertiser with whom we work has three key marketing communication relationships: its creative, digital and media agencies. Knowing the importance of their integration in terms of highest quality output, our advertiser wanted to ensure critical collaboration and cooperation between them.