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“Aprais sets the gold standard with high-value, business-to-business
relationship measurement and management”

Our benchmarks are the industry standard

To date, we have completed more than 19,000+ client-agency relationship evaluations covering 92 countries. At the last count, we have evaluated 487 clients and 592 agencies with 16 million individual questions answered. These companies use our data to monitor, compare and improve performances over time – with dramatic results!

Consistent data mined for extraordinary insights. That’s unique!

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How it all began

18 years later, the industry has changed but the issues still linger.

Aprais Founder and Chairman, Kim Walker, was motivated by what he saw as the destructive flaws in the way marketers and agencies managed their relationships, and the loss of productivity that followed. This is why he founded Aprais in 2000. Since then, our experts have driven performance improvements by leveraging thousands of client-agency relationships across the world.

Aprais Founder & Chairman, Kim Walker explains the origins and principles


We service global clients, manage our consultant network
and continually develop our systems from our base in Covent Garden, London

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Kim Walker

Kim Walker

Client Service

Monika Brzezinska

Monika Brzezinska

System & Service Delivery

Paul Anson

Paul Anson

Our network

We have a worldwide network of offices staffed by experienced consultants, all of whom have held senior marketing and communication roles.

Our team has an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of client-agency relationships and are ideally placed to interpret and comment. Working with them really does make a difference.

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