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User-friendly input that delivers the world’s most powerful output

  • Identify the specific areas of strength in your agency and in your team
  • Understand what you can do to get greater value from the agency team

Rigour like no other

Purpose-built, state-of-the-art system that makes the process easy for everyone

100-point, colour coded scoring and reporting system

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Which solution is right for you?

The most enduring and productive relationships are based on a 2-way dialogue with open and honest feedback.

180° Two-way

180° Two-way

Most Popular

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Aprais 180° provides benchmark measures and feedback between both parties. It is ideal for monitoring on‐going relationships and identifying issues before they become problems.

360° Four-way

360° Four-way

Most Powerful

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Aprais 360° is our original offering. It provides the added insight of self­‐assessment to reveal perception gaps between parties. These gaps between lead to discontent and impede

90° One-way

90° One-way

Most Discrete

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Aprais 90° is useful for agencies who are keen to know where they stand in the relationship. It’s a sense check for issues before they become problems. While it may not drive the same improvements and dialogue as our other offerings, it is a useful and economical way to review your relationship against our global benchmarks.

Service levels to suit your budget

Ask us about the different service levels, outputs and other options

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Identify the problems that limit value in your relationship. Apply new tools to interrogate and correct them.

  • Our expert interpretation of the data highlighting key issues​
  • Identify the main drivers for improving your team performance​
  • Physical presentation​
  • Tableau data feed, training and customised dashboard
Analyse team

The devil in our delightful detail​

By comparing your scores with our massive database of evaluations,
we can identify the key drivers that can unleash productivity from your teams ​

Access your data through a dashboard​ built just for you

Let’s talk about your data-feeds and how we can integrate other critical marketing data them into a unique dashboard​

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Analyse team
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Programs that deliver lasting behavioural change​

Strategic Leadership​
Functional Capability Leadership​
Leadership & Management Capability Development​
Ways of working​
Process Design​
Relationship Change Management​

  • A ‘Dive in’ to translate data into insight identifying key areas for improvement across client and agency ​
  • A ‘Big Think’ to co-identify and develop solutions to key challenges

  • A ‘Blueprint’ to plan and deliver the step change identified ​

Tailored to unleash your team productivity​

Ask us about our programs, tools and workshops​

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