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Building and maintaining a high performing partnership is not easy. The risks of mismanagement are high.
But get it right and you can realise great improvements in productivity – up to 37% for creative agencies and up to 21% for media planning agencies.

Where’s the accountability?

“Companies spend millions of dollars on intangible deliverables while agencies hold an enormous wealth of brand knowledge that can be dismissed on a marketer’s whim.”

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Do Better Agency Relationships Deliver Better Work?

Effie Awards Reveal The Proof

Better Collaboration Delivers Better Results

+69% better integrated solutions

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We continuously improve relationships by bringing professional teams together in a transparent and pragmatic way.

We try to ensure that our clients follow the right path to achieve excellence in what they do. The white papers and articles that can be downloaded from this page reflect this thinking.

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Our blog features articles on this subject by both our in-house Aprais personnel and external contributors.

The Real Cost of Being a Bad Client

I’ve found that some marketing companies seem to encourage, or at least turn a blind eye to, hostile behaviour with their agency partners.

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Posted 04 Jul 2017

By Kim Walker